Building value

Developing with attention to people, nature and the environment.

Our approach

We take initiative in each development and bring out the assets that we believe the site holds.

We explore

The location is our starting point; where is the potential?

We enrich

We create meaningful living environments, for now and for the future.

We unite

By connecting stakeholders, we build real and lasting value.

Everything becomes more beautiful when you give it attention .

At Locus, we like to think big, but we never lose sight of the details. We believe that real estate development needs a customized approach. Because no location is the same and every project has its own route to success.

About Locus

Sustainable relationships, sustainable buildings

In our projects, we connect the location with the people and the equity, in order to realize real return on investment. Development processes often take years and require dedication, commitment and lasting relationships. Therefore, the combination of creating a connection with you and the location forms an integral part of the foundation of all of our projects.


United by experience

We maximize returns by adding value, at the level of people, area and real estate. We distinguish ourselves in the market through our ability to connect stakeholders and our eye for social themes such as the sustainable living environment. Finding the best investments and making the right risk trade-offs is more complex today than ever. Thanks to our experience and our strong network, we are able to create new development projects again and again.

"Cities have the capability of providing for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created bij everybody"

Jane Jacobs


Utrecht – Lunettenbaan

In cooperation with the municipality of Utrecht, we formed the vision for the 'Poort van Lunetten'. Locus owns an office location there, on a prominent spot.








Are you looking for development opportunities? We would like to meet with you. Perhaps we can do something for each other.

Amsterdam – Boven 't Y

In collaboration with local owners, we developed the vision for the municipal project memo. Locus took the initiative and is a risk bearing partner.

Den Hoorn – Vrij Harnasch

A development in an urban setting with polders, where living, working and relaxing is the starting point. Locus took the initiative and is a risk bearing partner.


We are currently acquiring an appealing project at an exceptional location in the heart of the city. More on this soon.